Will Night Vision ir infrared scopes be the tech that brings full UFO sighting disclosure?

image1268559409.jpgWill Night Vision ir infrared scopes be the tech that brings full UFO sighting disclosure?

With the 2012 prediction, I once heard a priest say this in Taiwan, “technology is changing so fast that within a few years it will reveal the presence of aliens to the world in undeniable ways.”

In the last few years, night vision goggles and other ir scopes have been becoming cheaper and began to have cameras added on to them so that the user can take photos or video. Some even contain a zoom lens that will increase a objects size up to 300x.

These affordable scopes, from $75 and up allow the user to see up to 40 feet away, however the user can also clearly see any slightly glowing object in the night sky. Stargazers are beginning to use them.

How often do you see a UFO with these ir scopes? You will find one within the first hour, but usually you will find a handful. If you are lucky, they will be traveling in a group, which they often do. The black night sky makes them reflect the moon or star light off their surface just enough to see them clearly with the night vision scopes.

There are objects in the night sky that cannot be explained by any known source. These UFO objects, according to the best expert on spotting them, are best viewed within the first two hours of complete darkness after sunset. If these objects, the expert reasoned, are flying at night visibly cloaked, they should still give off heat signatures. They do.

Check out my personal ir/night vision UFO Sighting video at youtube.

Italy Live Cam UFO Sighting with infrared Camera, August 16, 2010 on ipad.

My UFO video here.

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