UFO Sighting Sept 8, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona of Orb Close Up, See Video.

image1784572968.jpgSighting Location: Phoenix, Arizona (North side of Phoenix)

Date of Sighting: September 8-2010

A whitish orb was drifting in and out of the clouds over Phoenix. The photographer zoomed in on the object but then the orb races into a nearby cloud to hide. About 15 seconds latter the orb comes back out slightly and after 2:06 the orb quickly fades from sight. It is unclear if the orb shot of instantly or faded, but slow motion of the video shows it 75% faded while 25% remained, so it appears the object cloaked itself and was still in its location. Have a look at this awesome video taken by Erik Jimenez of Phoenix. Eric noted that the object itself appeared to be changing color.


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