UFO Sighting in Hong Kong, China on 9-11-2010, see video.

image1501708322.jpgTitle: Hong Kong UFO sighting in thunderstorm.
Author / Translator: Scott C. Waring-Taiwan
Date: 2010/9/11

Hong Kong people witness an amazing UFO sighting on 911.

Hong Kong the day before yesterday (8) night it began to thunderstorms, occur within 6 hours more than 25,000 times the lightning; the same time a number of people claiming to have seen Hong Kong, “a group of eight round light in the sky” of the UFO (UFO). In response, the Hong Kong Observatory said the people were seeing an illusion.

Last night sky of Hong Kong frequent had lightning, and some residents said at 11 PM, in the Wan Chai city they saw a circle of light formed by the 8 glowing orbs. The UFO appeared and disappeared after 15 minutes. In addition, at midnight, there were people in the Tai Lam Tunnel bus stop going to the Yuen Long, that saw the UFO for more than 10 seconds.

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