UFO Sighting in Connecticut with white probes 9-21-2010 see video, so Incredible.

image1288455225.jpgUFO Sighting in Connecticut with white probes shooting in and out of it, Sept 21, 2010.

Date of sighting: 9-21-2010
Location of sighting: Connecticut, US

I often watch sunrise,when it is not obscured by clouds. Today was a particularly clear morning. I glanced out the window & saw what I first assumed was a spider web but it seemed very far off. I moved to another room to get another view, I could tell that this was very far off and likely in the stratosphere. It remained directly above the sunrise. I also thought it was a contrail. However it did not dissipate in the manner which a contrail even a “persistent” contrail have in the past.

I observed this through a window of the second floor of my home. The screen had been removed and I was filming while physically holding my camera outside.

For the most part, it was difficult to see without looking through the camera because of the brightness of the sun. However, at around 10:00, it was visible with the naked eye. It almost seemed to project itself forward or backward in order to move but stayed at an angle. It appeared to be extremely large/long. Sometimes it appeared a a row of balls and other times it appeared smooth, a couple of times, I witnessed it change to an orange/red color, which seemed to flow through the rod-like structure. video Footage and digital photographs were taken on a Sony Handycam with 20X optical zoom, A digital Finepix camera and a Cannon Rebel camera with a 300mm lens.
There was one other witness to this, which was my husband, he also watched this for several minutes and does not agree that this was any of the things I initially thought it was.

Additionally, it appeared that there was a lot of “activity” around this rod-like structure but I am unsure of the nature of these quick moving objects. Some did seem to be coming out of the structure. I was very overwhelmed by the whole thing and would have rather that something would happen to reveal that there was a simple benign explanation for what we were seeing and would have preferred that it would have just gone away. Regardless, I could not take my eyes off of it, until it was finally gone. Video of the sighting is below.


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