UFO sighting near ISS on NASA live cam Sept 28, 2010, see video.

image1465656889.jpgA UFO was near the ISS (international Space Station) on Sept 28, 2010 and this is what one person captured. It is a triangle craft that appears when the suns direction changes, causing the UFO to bounce rays of light off its shield that normally causes it to look invisible.

This is why I often say that 65% of all UFO sightings happen during sunset and sunrise due to the changing light. So if you really want to catch a UFO, wait till right before sunset with your camera. You will need a 14X Zoom or better to zoom in on those clouds, but a regular camera is better than none. Any UFO that is seen during sunset or sunrise will only be visible for 15 minutes or less. Usually only 1-3 minutes.


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