Mass UFO Sighting in Chile, see video of Oct 23, 2010.

image1015088534.jpgLocation of UFO sighting: Las Brisas, Crucecita, Chile

Date of UFO sighting: October 23, 2010.

October 23, ever since Tuesday the villagers of San Felix Valle, village of Alto del Carmen, remain baffled and surprised by consecutive sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object), both at night and in the day.

Villagers from the Las Brisas and Crucecita areas say they have seen for several minutes, three areas of intense light UFOs, which then rapidly disappeared in the vicinity of a high hill, perhaps indicating a hidden entrance is upon the hill somewhere as an entrance to an alien underground base.

Another eyewitness of this UFO phenomenon, which has been repeated on Tuesday night, managed to capture pictures in which one could see the creatures piloting the UFO. Video clearly shows a figure move across the window area of the craft.

These sightings, according to reports from Alto del Carmen, have led to the arrival of a UFO investigative team at a canal in Santiago to hear the personal eyewitness accounts of dozens of citizens that witnessed the event.

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