England UFO sighting in Scarborough last night & seen on UK NEWS on Nov 7, 2010, see video.

image121720539.jpgEngland UFO sighting in Scarborough last night & seen on UK NEWS on Nov 7, 2010, see video.

(SCW: blogger) Now upon seeing this video from THE SUN-UK, I noticed again it happened during a sunset. I have said this a hundred times, but I will again. 60-70% of all UFO sightings take place during the sunset or sunrise, due to the light angle of the sun hitting the cloaked vessel. Understand it is not a ghost, but hidden with advanced tech that bends the light at a 180 degree angle, but when the sun is about to set or rise, that angle of the sun now has to bend the light 270 degrees which the shields are not capable of doing, resulting in revealing the ship from 30 seconds to 15 min depending on the craft & their tech. So if you want to catch a UFO, get a digital camera with a zoom (14X or bigger) and watch a few sunsets with your eyes on unusual clouds. You will succeed fast.

THE North of England was last night crowned the world’s top hotspot for UFO sightings – as the latest weird footage emerged from SCARBOROUGH.

It follows a string of strange objects spotted in the northern sky being reported to The Sun.

Ex-MoD UFO expert Nick Pope said: “At the moment the North of England seems to be having more than its fair share.”Arizona has been famous for lots of sightings but it seems the North is now overtaking it.”

UFOs have been snapped in Rotherham, South Yorks, and Harrogate, North Yorks, in the past three weeks.

The latest footage was shot in Osgodby, near Scarborough, North Yorks, on Sunday evening.

It was sent in by Paul Sinclair, who said: “It really looks like a flying saucer. Crowds of people saw it. There’s definitely something happening here.
“My son-in-law filmed it for several minutes. There appeared to be two objects, one with a hooked tail, the other disc-shaped.”

Expert Nick said: “It’s pretty spooky. At first glance it appears to be a cloud – then it seems to be bombing along purposefully.”
Last year a formation of 50 UFOs was seen above Scarborough.

Source: The Sun, UK http://is.gd/gRbgu
Scott C. Waring Says: “Note: On our UFO sighting blogs we have had a surge in the last 14 days of UFO sightings with photos. Our incoming reports have gone from 2 a day to 6-8 a day. That is a 300-400% increase. Perhaps aliens have a new plan.


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