Tucson, Arizona UFO sighting nov 7, 2010, see video & photo.

image111031287.jpgDate of sighting: November 7, 2010
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Again on Shielaaliens caught another craft flying around Tucson on Nov 7th that flashes like a plane, but moves like a UFO. As UFO research has shown, UFOs do mimic airplane lights to fool those that may see them, and it works.

Shiela caught another great sighting in Tucson that goes to show that these craft are flying over US skies without the US governments intervention. Strange things to be flying around the sky after Americas 9-11. Watch the video below and see how she zooms in on the craft. If you are in Tucson or near Tucson, please grab your video recorder and spend just a few hours watching the night sky. But be ready to zoom in on them if necessary. We need close up views. After that, load it on Youtube with the key words, “UFO Sighting” in the title. Then leave it to the rest of us to spread the word for you. Good luck and happy hunting.

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