UFO Sighting over LAX, Los Angeles International Airport on Nov 12, 2010.

image142701138.jpgUFO Sighting over LAX, Los Angeles International Airport on Nov 12, 2010.

Date of sighing: Nov 12 2010

Location of sighting: LAX, LA, California, USA

I was watching the live web cams again and caught sight of another unusual sight on the LAX live cam. Now seeing something flying above an airport is no big deal, but this has been over the airport for over three hours! It looks like a very long UFO is over LA right now as I write this. If you visit the live cam below, you will see it too.

The four lights in a row sometimes turn off and on, but if these lights are a single UFO, then it is over three city blocks long, in comparison to the skyscrapers below it.

These four lights move in unison slightly up or down, but usually slightly left or right. They never move from being in line with each other. That is why I assume they are a single craft.

Far to their right were three other lights. These lights look like orbs, same as the four on the right, but they change position from one above and two below. These three orbs sit in a triangle position, but the triangle rotates in position every few minutes.

Check out the below cam before the UFOs leave!!!

The live LAX cam is at http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/feature?section=weather/photos&id=5790342


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