UFO sighting over Shuttle Discovery 2nd day in a row Nov 18, 2010.

image909259900.jpgDate of sighting: November 18, 2010
Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

I was watching one of the NASA live cams and I noticed an object fly near the top of the shuttle. I quickly took 12 screenshots, because this object was so obvious. What I saw is exactly what is in the photos here. I saw a gray metallic like football craft over the Shuttle Discovery.

The cam is not a video cam but a photo cam that is updated every 3-5 minutes. I waited for the next photo and between photo you could see quick motion video of the craft. It shot downward at an angle that was about 60-70 degrees shooting tot he bottom left of the screen. No at that moment I hesitated and could not believe I saw it move. It was a straight line, not a bent line and not curved in any way.

It is my belief that this UFO was a probe, unmanned but remote controlled and was observing them working to fix the cracks in the shuttle tanks. Was it there because it could see something bad happening in the future I wonder? The shuttle Discovery was delayed from first week of November to now be launched on the 30th of November.

I took only screenshots of cams that NASA has. This UFO was over the Shuttle Discover while repairs were being made. I cannot imagine how an alien craft could possibly get into a high security launch pad area without NASA security or radar towers becoming aware of it. Unless of course, NASA did know about the probe, but did not see it as a threat, but perhaps an allowed alien craft that is sometimes seen at NASA? Then again, this may be a NASA craft, knowing their endless budget and hi-tech gadgets.

Please tell me in comments what you think about this and what it may be. Thank you, Scott C. Waring-Taiwan.


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