ET seen in New York as UFO sighting photos emerge!

image1342258223.jpgLocation of sighting: Orchard Park, New York, USA
Date of Sighting: November 11 2010 3pm 6min

This sighting begins with my boss walking in the room and telling me to take a look at this object out the window above the trees. Doing so I seen what looked like at first, a escaped birthday balloon. But seconds later it looked very different so I took out the trusty cam and got some shots….wow! I had these pictures for about 2 weeks before I got to looking at them.
The object seems to go from solid to light/energy form,very interesting!

ALL images are taken one after the other. Mufon only will allow 3 pics there are 5 total!

I will be uploading pic 1,2,and 5

E-mail contact: *(Wit’s email deleted–CMS/sg)

Let me know what you think everyone!

5 more photos of this sighting at Source:


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