UFO sighting over Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec 9, 2010, photo.

image729136027.jpgUFO Sighting Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date of sighting: December 9, 2010, 9:40 AM

I was watching the live Las Vegas can and caught this unusual grey metallic object in the far left of one of the screenshots. This object was there less than 5 minutes because this cam keeps record of the past 2 hours, with one photo every 5 min kept. Although the cam is live and has moving video, I found this one in its archives. I really wish I had been able to catch this one on live video to see its movement, but then again, It may have moved so quickly that the human eye could not see it. That would mean only the still photo of the even would allow it to be seen. The location of the cam is below. These photos are direct screenshots from the cam and have not been altered in any way. SCW

Cam at: http://instacam.com/InstaCAM/imagelist_by_week.asp?id=LSNVT


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