UFO sighting over Moscow Russia March 9, 2011, Video and Photos.

UFO sighting over Moscow Russia March 9, 2011, Video and Photos.

Sighting date: March 9, 2011
Sighting location: Moscow, Russia

This video shows four glowing red orbs over Moscow, the capital city of Russia in April of 2011. The orbs remained in a line formation. These orbs rotated as can be seen in the middle of the video which shows a zoomed in orb. The orb however is not a perfect sphere, but rather looks like a cracked broken sphere as it rotates and reveals its sides to us. Very odd indeed.

The video and lots of websites have stated that UFO sightings have increased this year, but I feel that is due to cell phone cameras and digital cameras coming down in price and the internet is creating and easy to access web of info on current UFO sightings now. Sightings have happened many times everyday throughout history, but they have never been able to record them so easily and make others aware of it so fast as they can today with the Internet.

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