NASA live cam has UFO Sighting below the International Space Station, April 29, 2011, Video.

NASA live cam has UFO Sighting below the International Space Station, April 29, 2011, Video.

Date of sighting: April 29, 2011
Location of sighting: Earths orbit, view from International Space Station

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When the eyewitness was recording video from a live NASA cam, he immediately saw a UFO that was floating past the ISS. The object slowly made its way and almost vanished off the screen, except someone on the ISS controlling the camera moved it to position the UFO directly in the center of the live cam screen. This clearly shows that the NASA camera operator saw the UFO and was struggling to identify it.

I commend (youtube user OberstGenosse) the maker of the video. It is because of skilled and courageous people like him that we are able to learn the truth about what NASA hides from Joe Public.

NASA has been hiding lots of information from the public. Remember 10 years ago when two NASA scientists came forward to tell the news that they found complete cities on the moons surface and that the structures were made by an intelligent species far beyond our own? Of course they said this without NASA’s permission because they knew NASA would forbid such spilling of secrets. The next day NASA released a press statement that the two scientists had jumped the gun and found nothing on the moons surface. Yeah right NASA, might as well spell your name NSA huh?

Thanks to Eric C. for reporting this to our site, Scott C. Waring.

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