UFO Sighting over New Hampshire of white craft traveling silently, April 28, 2011, photos.

UFO Sighting over New Hampshire of white craft traveling silently, April 28, 2011, photos.

Date of sighting: April 28, 2011
Location of sighting: New Hampshire, USA

Eyewitness states:

“Around 6:30pm my kids came running in asking for the camera because they saw a ufo. (Usually this is just a plane that they are seeing) I went out without my camera to see it. When I got out there it was just flying over the house.”

“It seemed to have a black band around the middle.I am certain that it didn’t have any wings. By the time I had gotten my camera it was pretty far away. It was hard to make it out against the hazy cloud cover. I did get two pictures. The first two are unedited and the last one has only been sharpened and colors enhanced. I would like to know if this is just a type of weather baloon drone or what. Last summer we saw exactly the same thing flying in the same direction SW to NE but there were 3 of them flying close together in a straight line.”

Full Res photos at:

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One Response to “UFO Sighting over New Hampshire of white craft traveling silently, April 28, 2011, photos.”

  1. Deb Stine Says:

    I live in Franconia, NH and for the last 3-clear nights (within the last week) and last night, May 8, 2011 I have watched the NE sky and have observed several objects that I cannot identify. They look round and have multi-colored lights running around the bottom of the vehicle. They hover, move in all sorts of direction and speeds. NOT planes or helicopters, as we have many planes overhead too. I’ve watched them for hours now. Just wondering if they could be weather ballons?? I don’t think so…

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