UFO Sighting over Vatican City in Rome of dark disk near roof, May 6, 2011.

UFO Sighting over Vatican City in Rome of dark disk near Vatican rooftops, May 6 2011, Photos.

Sighting Date: May 6, 2011
Sighting Location: Marzano, Italy

I was watchings the live cam that shows the top of Vatican City when I spotted a strange object in the archive photos taken 15 min earlier. It looks like a dark disk in the sky near the the main building. I continued watching for about 15 minutes but saw nothing like if fly past the live cam. This could not be a helicopter or plane because of its low location to the buildings and the shape of the UFO.

The fact that this UFO is over Vatican City shows me that aliens have a deep interest in the religious beliefs of the human species. For me its a bit difficult to understand why such advanced species might focus on religions but it falls into the spiritual realm. If they have some kind of spiritual beliefs, the aliens may find it interesting to see how deep into such a human can go.

Below is the screenshot of the cam without UFO, so you can see it was not a spot on the lens. Always looks smoggy.

Two months ago there was a glowing ball of light that descended from the sky then hovered over a religious temple for a few moments before shooting off upwards into the sky. Five videos from tourists who recorded it were released on Youtube. Maybe this UFO near the Vatican is equally curious about such things.

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One Response to “UFO Sighting over Vatican City in Rome of dark disk near roof, May 6, 2011.”

  1. hi. i’m from the philippines and i just wanted to share that last april 8 2011, i saw an UFO too. i think it was around 11pm here and i was out to get some stuff, it passed by, i swear, but it lasted only for a second. i checked my area if anyone was just fooling me, but i really found no explanation for what i saw. i told my sisters about it but they wouldn’t believe me. it was disk-like and flourescent-ish in color with something in the middle of the disk. well, that’s it. i just felt like sharing since no one believes me here. they thought i’m going crazy or something, i thought so too. :)) but it was some experience i’ll never forget.

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