Alien Buildings on Mercury, 100% proof that Aliens exist, UFO Sighting News, I want answers NASA!

Alien Buildings on Mercury, 100% proof that Aliens exist, UFO Sighting News, I want answers NASA!

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Ever since day one 50 years ago, NASA has been hiding the information about the existence of aliens in our solar system. Don’t get me wrong. I too grew up idolizing them and holding them up upon a pedestal thinking they were perfect in every way.

Notice the wall below where NASA cut something out?

That was my view…as a child, then I grew up and did a lot of research. The easiest way to prove that aliens exist is to use NASA photos that NASA took. In this way they can not be disputed about who or what took the photos. We need more researchers searching NASA archives photos of all planets and moons…and even sun photos, and in this way we can put pressure on NASA to make them disclose the truth sooner. Please help by searching NASA photos on your free time and please send any finds to us at our “Report a UFO email.” SCW.

Now I am sure you will ask, “Why would NASA keep the existence of aliens a secret?” That is an easy question. The CIA and NSA will classify any information learned that may be beneficial to keeping the USA number one through security or monetary sources. Aliens could offer technology advancements that are thousands of years ahead of our own. All that falls into military applications which fall into Top Secret intel.

NASA moon archives is a hood place to start, but remember the old images are best because NASA did not have photoshop so it is easier to find structures:

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and “Dragons of Asgard” ☯


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